Saturday, March 26, 2011

resume corrupt (incomplete) download in firefox

Copy link from download and re-download file.pause download and go to download location copy name of .part file
delete new .part file and rename your old file to newfilename.part
resume download in firefox.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ubuntu : remove grub mbr

last week i have to format my desktop which is windows XP, ubuntu dual boot to reinstall xp i put windows xp disk in drive and what i see, after booting blank screen nothing happen,i tried 2-3 times but same problem,
windows disk is working in other computers.Later i realized that grub is problem,i have searched internet the solution and finally i got a solution that  doesn't need to full format or erase entire disk you need to remove master boot record (grub) and windows cd will work absolutely fine.
boot in ubuntu or ubuntu live cd.
and use dd command

sudo dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

dd command is used to backup one drive to other 
raw copy low level copy etc

detailed description:

sudo : to  run command as super user in ubuntu

dd : dd command

if=/dev/null   source to be copied  which is null

of=/dev/sda   destination /dev/sda is your hard disk ;sda for sata disk

bs : size of 512 bytes is to be written (MBR is first 512 bytes of hard disk which contains boot record,partiton table etc) 

This command is saying that copy 512 bytes of null to first hdd or simply erase MBR.

reboot and boot from xp cd it will work fine.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OCR – Scan document and create searchable pdf files (scan to text)

What is OCR (optical character recognition)?

- OCR technology is used to translate typed,handwritten printed text hardcopy or scanned image material into editable text softcopy.

It is used to convert paper books and documents into electronic files, for instance, to computerize an old record-keeping system in an office.

Advantages Of OCR:

1.Don’t need to retype whole document Only need to Review weather OCR generated document is correct or not.

2.Scanned document can be used as backup if you don’t need to edit the text but Size of image is much larger then Typed Document.By OCR we can save Disk Space.


for example you lost the document from your system and you have hardcopy, don’t type whole document again use scanner and OCR software to create document.


Free and Efficient OCR program?

1.Microsoft Document Imaging

2.HP OCR engine Come with HP scanner Software.



5.Chitrankan : Hindi OCR.

Commercial OCR:

1. ABBYY fine reader

2. nuance omnipage

3. readIRIS

Online OCR

1. ABBYY FineReader Online


Here most effective and efficient FREE OCR  that recognize  text and keep unrecognized text as image is OCR software come with HP printer.

Open HP Solution Center and Click on scan documents.

Select Save to file and then select Searchable PDF or Word (rtf document) .

Scan the hardcopy and you will get the softcopy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

create own social network

Social networks are Web sites that offer creating profiles and interact with other people and friends, upload photo, video , send message gifts, chat and many more features. We can find people ,groups, topics etc of same interests.

what about creating own social network like orkut and facebook? yes its very easy and free of cost. We can create our own social network free of cost even my 10 yrs old sister can build social network in minutes

and create your own social network.

features: Ning provide very easy to use and administer interface.
* easy interface.
* No programming or web designing required so any one can build easily.
* forums,chat,video, photos, groups, members,third party apps and many more .
* you can customize themes, profile questions etc
* You can make administrators and assign different roles to members.
* Can Create ads free social network or place own ads in place of ning ads.(you need to pay some money for this)

If you have a Good niche,strong desire,dedication creativity and skills then create a ning network and after you reach thousands of view/day and your network has revenue more than 50$/month place your own "ads by google"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

China Mobile Sigmatel S4 flight mode problem

Yesterday i was returning home from bilaspur with my mom, dad ,brother and sister. I was playing with my fathers china mobile, i saw flight mode option in settings, my father said me that flight mode is not working in this set,  i was curious about what is the problem and i switched it to flight mode.

Flight mode is activated, but menu is also not working, now i cant switch back to normal mode. after some searching i found a trick to switch back to normal mode:

with out sim *#3646633#
you will get English menu
option 5 misc
option 6 assert testing
now menu will open
select dual mode..

in next post i will give some more codes and way to install software in china mobile.